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Marital and Pre-Marital Counselling Services

We have a team of experienced and trained Marriage Counsellors. Together they pack an experience of over 40 years of counselling couples. Each person in our team is trained and equipped to handle delicate situations with maturity and finesse. Confidentiality is assured.

Our Team of Marriage Counsellors

Dr. George Cherian & Dr. Ann George

A doctor by profession, George Cherian is a Pastor, social worker, and entrepreneur with more than 5 years of counselling experience. He and his wife, Dr. Ann George, conduct “Marriage Garage” - a one-day workshop for married or engaged couples - in Bangalore every year. With more than 3 years of experience in counselling young couples, Dr. Ann is an effective communicator and counsellor.

Numerous couples have benefited from their huge experience and now lead happy and contented lives. Dr. George and Ann are parents to three beautiful daughters.

Pastor Sam Skaria & Mrs. Feba Sam

Sam and Feba are pastors of one of the fast growing churches in Bangalore. Married for about 5 years and parents to two adorable children, Pr. Sam and Mrs. Feba are experienced Marriage counsellors.

Pastor Alwin D. Varghese & Mrs. Daisy Alwin

Engineers by profession, Pastor Alwin and Daisy are a young dynamic couple. They have been instrumental in mentoring and guiding numerous young couples who are engaged to be married. Excellent pre-marital counsellors, Alwin and Daisy are well-known for giving sound and realistic advice to couples looking to get married.

Mr. Sibi George & Dr. Vandana Sibi

A fun-loving and energetic couple, Sibi and Vandana are the associate pastors of a fast-growing church in Bangalore. Parents to three children, Sibi and Vandana bring with them a wealth of experience in helping young couples make the right choices.

Pastor Raja Manohar & Mrs. Hima Bindu

Excellent communicators, Pastors Manohar and Hima are known to connect with youth and engage with them on various issues. Together, they have a trove of experience in counselling young couples, especially those who are engaged to be married.

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